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The best Algerian and international specialists work with Quantum Global as consultants and managers. They have long sectoral experience and use the most modern methods and instruments to manage technical assistance projects and advise their clients. Their rich experience contributes to defining good QG practices and enriches professional discussion forums.

Consultants are encouraged to deepen their technical and managerial skills, in order to prepare to take on team leader assignments in connection with studies and HQ projects carried out around the world.

Quantum Global is an Algerian company that was founded by an international team, with many years of experience in the field of electricity, smart grids, industrial process automation, IT system audits, cybersecurity, telecommunications, renewable energies, and Advanced Financial Services, aimed at providing solution integration for Algeria and the regional market, to carry out the transfer of international know-how, to support the long-term development of several sectors in Algeria.

Furthermore, Quantum Global (QG) is a constantly learning company. Its high level of quality and performance is based on its ability to adapt as well as the relevant orientation of its staff. Its reputation is based on a set of values such as excellence, innovation, sense of responsibility, integrity and the development of its personnel.

Our Core Values

  • Committed to delivering the best
  • Honest and transparent services
  • We care for your business just like ours
  • Keep learning and adapting to new technologies

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